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Scenic Panorama Route Tour with Southern Circle

Southern Circle has various Panorama Route tours and safaris available for travelers. The Kruger National Park is situated in this region and one of the main features of our Panorama Route holiday packages. You can travel from Johannesburg to Mpumalanga where your vacation will start with one of the best Kruger safari tours.

The 4 Day Kruger Park Explorer Safari Package is the ideal Panorama Route getaway. We also have longer trips throughout the country wich journey through the Panorama Route, as well as other tourist destinations such as Cape Town.

The Panorama Route is situated in the Mpumalanga province of South Africa. Along the route, you will find historical towns, such as Pilgrims Rest, and truly South African cultural sites. In the Long Tom Pass you can have a look at the “Long Tom Canon” and later you will find the Blyde Canyon on the route. God’s Window, a number of waterfalls, as well as Bourke’s Luck Potholes are some of the most popular Panorama Route tourist attractions. Nelspruit is the starting point of the route and it ends near Ohrigstad.

Travel on a Panorama Route tour and See the Best of Mpumalanga

An exciting once in a lifetime kind of trip awaits all who embark on a whirlwind Panorama Route tour.

As if Mpumalanga didn’t have it all already, with its spectacular vistas, numerous safari destinations, exquisite hiking trails and abundance of intriguing historical sites, the province is also home to one of South Africa’s most scenic drives: the Panorama Route. This idyllic, winding road heads up into the mountains, stopping off at all of the most startling attractions along the way. Some tours can be done in just a day, but to enjoy a truly satisfying experience, it’s best to take your time.
A Panorama Route tour is the perfect introduction to Mpumalanga and when combined with a Kruger Park safari, guests can enjoy a fully rounded experience and leave the province having seen the best that it had to offer.

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The Long and Winding Road

There is no right or wrong way to explore the Panorama Route. You can start at either end of the route and you can pick and choose what you want to see along the way, that is if you are driving yourself. Pre-arranged Panorama Route tours are the ideal way to see all of the major attractions when you are visiting from overseas or should you not feel like driving yourself.
For the sake of explaining how the route can be explored, we’ll take the traditional road:

Starting in Nelspruit (Mbombela), guests can begin by visiting the Lowveld Botanical Gardens. A whole morning can be spent here. The gardens are expansive and it takes some time to meander around through the greenery. There is even time to stop and enjoy a delicious picnic. If you plan on spending more than a day touring the route, this can be the best place to start.
From there, the route will take you to the small town of White River. There are not many attractions here, but there are a number of fantastic places to grab a bit to eat before you journey on.
The next stops are where the real attractions begin. About an hour’s leisurely drive from White River is the tourist hot spot Sabie. Along with more places to eat and a few roadside shops from which you can buy a few souvenirs. For those who are able to spend additional time here, it is a great town to enjoy some hiking and other outdoor activities.
You don’t have to worry about getting lost along the way. All along the route, there are signs leading you to the attractions you want to see and the route itself is ever so often marked with a sign.
Just outside of Sabie, on the way to Graskop, there are all kinds of waterfalls to see. At the end of the Sabie road, the way splits and you can choose whether you want to go to Pilgrim’s Rest, the ancient, historic mining town, or carry on to Graskop on a road that will eventually take you to Blyde River Canyon. The Route traditionally ends at the Swadini Forever Resort, a picturesque place nestled beneath the mountains of the canyon. It is the perfect place to regroup your thoughts, enjoy a night of camping, before heading off to the world famous Kruger National Park via the long way.
Those wanting to visit the Kruger, and who don’t want to drive the long way, can choose to take the road to Hazyview, where there are numerous places to explore, and to stock up on supplies before journeying to the Kruger.

Must See Panorama Route Attractions

As one of South Africa’s most scenic self-drives or tours, the Panorama Route showcases the best of the Mpumalanga Highlands, which are made up of the Great Escarpment of the Drakensberg. The view from the top of the plateau allows adventurers to look down onto the Lowveld and the rugged bushveld below. It is next to impossible to describe what it feels like to see the world from this point of view.
Each person who travels the route has their own list of things to see. These are some of the attractions you can look forward to:

  1. The Blyde River Canyon

The third largest canyon in the world and the only one filled with greenery, the Blyde River Canyon is a sight like no other you will ever see. There are various lookout points from which you can see the iconic mountain of rock and trees situated in the middle of the Swadini Dam, the Three Rondawels, and the Blyde River which is still cutting away at the rocks in the canyon some 800 meters below. No photos do this location justice. You have to see it for yourself.

  1. The Towns

There are so many small, historic towns along the route that it is best to mention them all in one go. Sabie, Graskop, Pilgrim’s Rest, and Hazyview are all unique in nature and each one of them has that lazy, laid back feel. Origstad is another small town you might stumble upon along the way. It is one of the few villages situated below this part of the Drakensberg.

  1. The Waterfalls

Possibly one of the best-loved attractions must be the numerous waterfalls on the route. Some are a bit out of the way, while others are just off the road, but each one is unique in character. The must-see waterfalls include Mac Mac, the Horse Shoe Falls, the Bridal Veil Falls and the Sabie Falls.

  1. Bourke’s Luck Potholes

The natural landmarks carved out of the rock by aeons of flowing, swirling water, this natural attraction is unlike any other you will come across. The potholes can be viewed from above, from any one of the many bridges that pass over the top.

  1. Echo Caves

First discovered by a farmer in 1920, the Echo Caves are quite the must-see attraction. The caves are among some of the oldest in the world and were at one time used by the local tribes for both shelter and as a way to send messages when trouble was coming. Guided tours take guests about 2 km into the caves and because of their location, they are one of the lesser known and lesser visited caves.
Discover the secrets of the Panorama Route by joining us for a tour that will take you to all of the best-loved attractions. Book your Panorama Route tour now.