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Luxury Guided Kruger National Park Safaris

Our Southern Circle Kruger National Park guided tours and safaris are designed for vacationers in South Africa who are looking to experience the raw African wilderness first-hand, accompanied by a knowledgeable tour guide. If you’re looking to see the Big Five up close and personal, a trip to the Kruger National Park won’t disappoint! Our page titled What to Expect When Visiting the Kruger National Park shares valuable information for anyone looking to explore Africa’s largest game reserve…

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We offer competitive rates and prices on our African Safari tours to one of the most popular South African National Parks. To book your luxurious South Africa Safari holidays, have a look at our Kruger National Park tours along with each Kruger Safari cost.

The guided Kruger National Park tour remains the perfect way to see Africa’s most beloved nature conservation project. 

The Kruger National Park has a place in the hearts of each one of the over half a million people who enter its gates every year. Rolling, flat landscapes in the North and bushveld in the South, the Kruger is one of the most diverse and fascinating wildlife parks you’ll ever visit.

The Kruger is massive! About the size of Israel, the park stretches over 2 provinces and extends into Zimbabwe and Mozambique. It can take more than a week to see the entirety of the park, but with the right Kruger Park tour, you can get more than just a sneak preview of this majestic land and the indigenous wildlife living here.

Planning a tour of the Kruger involves a lot of work, but you don’t have to do it all yourself. Why not rather sign up for one of our exciting Kruger Park tours?

Although South Africa is home to countless conservation reserves, the Kruger is truly a unique place. The Kruger is over 100 years old and is still as alluring as it was to those first park explorers. Visitors coming to the Kruger can expect to see a myriad of wildlife as soon as they pass through the gates. Home to the Big 5 and countless other species of birds, reptiles and other animals, it’s easy to get caught up in the splendor of African nature.

Guided Kruger Park safaris are without a doubt the best way to explore the park. Tour guides working in the Kruger are knowledgeable, gaining much insight from their years of experience in the park, and share their knowledge all throughout the tour, ensuring a memorable tour.

A trip to South Africa is incomplete without a tour of the Kruger National Park.

The History of the Kruger in a Nutshell

There was once a time in South African history when wildlife roamed just about every corner of the land. The wildlife populations were massive and sadly, became the focus of hunters arriving on the continent. In early history, there was no limit to the number of animals that a hunter could hunt. The result was that wildlife populations were almost irrevocably decimated.

In response to the decline in animal populations, a nature reserve was proclaimed in 1898 by the then Transvaal President Paul Kruger, after whom the present park is named. At that time, the park was named the Sabi Game Reserve. Along with other founders, Kruger noticed that if hunting was left uncontrolled, soon the next generations would be left with no wildlife to enjoy.

As the Sabi Game Reserve, the land was not opened to visitors. Instead, wardens, living remotely in simple huts, were tasked with looking after the reserve and its animals. James Stevenson-Hamilton was the first warden of the park and took on the role in 1902.  The park expanded a lot when it was still the Sabi Game Reserve, as the land around the Reserve was bought and given. Hunting was strictly forbidden and for a great many years, the Reserve remained mostly untouched by humans, allowing the animal populations to flourish. Sabi Game Reserve was renamed the Kruger National Park in 1926.

After the Kruger National Park was founded, guests were slowly introduced into the park. The first guests traveled the park by train, but as imagined, this type of travel caused problems. Cars replaced trains and by 1927, a limited number of guests could drive through the park. Guests also had the option of staying overnight, although the accommodation was exceptionally rustic and not everyone’s idea of a comfortable place to stay.

Today, the Kruger still has the same magical feel that it held for those first visitors. Each journey into the park is unique, you never know what you might see – and the accommodation has improved tremendously to en-suite and air-conditioned rooms.

Kruger Park Highlights

Driving in an open safari vehicle, enjoying the cool breeze in your hair and soaking up that African sun, all the while spotting animals in their natural habitat, is an experience you won’t soon forget. Even if you travel to other nature reserves in South Africa, few compare to time spent in the Kruger.

We are passionate about conservation and we love to share the Kruger with our guests. Here are some of the Kruger highlights:

  • Safari Game Drives

Without a doubt the best way to see the Kruger, a game drive is usually done in an open vehicle or, in our luxury closed vehicles for those very hot times of the day.  Our guides take guests into those areas of the park where they are most likely to see animals. The Kruger is home to about 145 different animal species and it is most famously home to the Big 5 (Lion, Elephant, Leopard, Rhino and Cape Buffalo). The routes taken by our safari tours take visitors through the southern areas of the park, where animals are more abundant. You can see a lot on a single day safari, although it’s often best to spend more than a day on safari.

  • Wilderness Trails

While a game drive is a great way to see the Kruger, a walk on one of the parks many trails is an experience like no other. The wilderness trails allow visitors to walk alongside a guide, getting up close to the various animals who happen to be on or close to the trail. Such walks are not for the faint-hearted and one has to be fit enough to walk several kilometers a day.

  • Museums

The immense history of the Kruger National Park is put on display in the various museums dotted all throughout the park. Not only is the human history of the park recorded in these museums, but so is the history of some of the most famous animals. Two of the best museums are located in Skukuza and Letaba. Ask your guide about them.

See why everyone loses a piece of their hearts to the Kruger National Park. Book your tour today!

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