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Best Drakensberg Holiday Packages from Southern Circle

The Drakensberg Mountains are a stunning sight in South Africa and therefore Drakensberg vacation packages are extremely popular. Southern Circle has Drakensberg holiday packages available at competitive prices. Our Sani Pass day trips are of the best Drakensberg holiday deals you will find.

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A trip to the Drakensberg and 4×4 safari up the Sani Pass is an adventurer’s dream. Experience South Africa’s breathtaking natural beauty with our 2 day Drakensberg tour and pay a visit to the highest pub in Africa when you reach the top of the Sani Pass in Lesotho.

Book the Trip of a Lifetime with Drakensberg holiday packages and Mountain Tours

The Drakensberg Mountain range is one of South Africa’s biggest natural attractions and they are best seen on one of the many Drakensberg Mountains Tours. Called the “Dragon Mountain”, this range has been given a most fitting name for its array of towering mountains, as their often mist capped tips look like a dragon exhaling smoke.

The Drakensberg Mountain range is one of South Africa’s most spectacular attractions. It stretches from the Eastern Cape through the province of Kwa-Zulu Natal, into Mpumalanga and then ends in the Limpopo Province. The entire escarpment is over 1000 km from start to finish, situated in two countries, and at its highest point, it is 3 428 m above sea level. The mountains are far from the tallest in Africa, but they are without a doubt a truly magical part of South Africa’s unique and diverse landscape.
The range has a number of mountains which have earned a reputation in their own right. And between the mountain peaks, there are various small, eclectic towns and things to do. Guests to this glorious part of the country are treated to sights that seem almost unreal. Every destination is a photo opportunity, especially when the sun is just setting and the fading light catches the landscape at just the right angle.

Drakensberg tours are designed to take guests to the ultimate holiday destination for those wanting a real wilderness adventure.

The mountains that have made this scenic spectacle the famous attraction that it is, includes Cathedral Peak, Mont-Aux-Sources, and Giants Castle.
All along the escapement, intrepid adventurers and hiking enthusiasts can explore the infinite number of rock pools, streams, caves and waterfalls, all the while breathing in that clear mountain air. Both international visitors and locals alike revisit the mountains, because there is so much to see.
One of the best parts of the range in which to enjoy a proper Drakensberg holiday is in Kwa-Zulu Natal. The part of the mountains in Kwa-Zulu encompasses a 243 000 hectare part of the range which has been named a World Heritage Site called the Ukhahlamba-Drakensberg Park. It is home to some beautiful sightings as well as around 600 examples of San Rock paintings which adorn various caves throughout the park.
The Drakensberg is an ancient landscape. The mountains began forming when Southern Africa was still being moulded as a part of Gondwana, some 180 million years ago. Over the millions of years, the South African plateau has lifted while erosion has also played a role in the creation of these picturesque mountains. Various levels of the mountains, as well as the area in which they sit, means there are different types of rocks to be found all across the range.
This is a very brief description of the background and geomorphology of the Drakensberg. It definitely deserves more reading.

The Ultimate Drakensberg Holiday

Touring the Drakensberg is the perfect way to relax and unwind. Guests booking a Drakensberg holiday package can expect the kind of downtime that is hard to find elsewhere in the country. The many kilometres which make up the Drakensberg means that you can travel for many hours without seeing anyone. This guarantees a quiet stay, well away from the never-ending rush of day to day life.
And it is not just about sightseeing. Guests can enjoy a number of action-packed activities which include abseiling, canopy tours, white water rafting, horseback riding and, of course, hiking.

Drakensberg tour packages include fantastic accommodation and just about everything else you could expect to enjoy from a holiday here.
Must See Attractions

A tour of the Drakensberg would be incomplete if you didn’t visit some of these unbelievable attractions. Some of these are tourist hot spots, which are often best visited with a tour group as this is one way to guarantee that you will get to see what you have come to see, while other destinations will be quieter. Regardless of which areas of the Drakensberg you will be visiting, be sure to have a good quality camera packed for your trip!

  1. Cathedral Peak

With it’s spire-like jutting out piece of rock, this peak is named for its resemblance to popular church architecture. This is one of the most easily recognised peaks, having separated itself from the main escarpment. Cathedral Peak is an excellent photographic destination.

  1. Central Drakensberg

A place of solitude and utter beauty, the Central Drakensberg is one of the best areas of the range and it sits right in the heart of the uKhahlamba stretch of mountains. Here you can explore lakes, open grassland and enjoy horseback riding and hiking.

  1. Giants Castle

This area is named after the escarpment and its peak which resemble a sleeping giant. It is situated in the Southern Drakensberg and makes for a stunning drive.

  1. Sani Pass

Talk to anyone who has experienced the thrill of driving the Sani Pass (with 4×4 of course) and you will soon realise why this part of the Drakensberg has a bit of a reputation. The Pass is found in Lesotho, and it is appropriately nicknamed the Roof of Africa. The route is some 3200 meters above sea level and the view from above is breathtaking. The best way to see the pass is by hiking or driving, and once you get to the top, you can have a drink in at the highest bar in Africa!
Exploring the Drakensberg Mountain range is a once in a lifetime experience that is not to be missed. Join us on a journey up the mountain by booking your memorable Drakensberg holiday package with us.