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Countrywide Holiday Packages

At Southern Circle Tours & Safaris we create holidays for everyone visiting South Africa and further around our mystical continent. With our countrywide tour packages, you can explore a magnificent Kruger National Park safari, travel up the Drakensberg Mountains, enjoy the scenic Garden Route and a trip to Table Mountain! You can even design your own package by adding shorter tours together to form the package of your choice. Merely start off with the city where you want to depart from. Choose your tour then click on the city your tour arrives at to find the tour departing from there. Find your favourite tour from here and add it to the previous one and so on.

You will notice that most of our tours can easily be added with perhaps a single night between them. We’ll arrange accommodation for those nights or you can do it yourself. Ask us to assist you if you get stuck.

Whether you are looking for local tours, an unforgettable honeymoon or a family holiday package, you will find it here. Our passionate tour guides have an knowledge of the scenic and wildlife hot spots, you surely won’t miss out on any sightseeing opportunities.

Our has a live e-commerce section. So, once you have found your preferred tour/s, you can book and pay for them right now online with your credit card! Merely click on the BOOK NOW button and follow the simple directions.