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Unforgettable Cape Town Tours with Southern Circle

Cape Town Tours – View all our hand-picked guided Cape Town Tours ranging from our famous wine tours to overland safaris. Best price guaranteed.

Cape Town tours include all of the best-loved attractions that the city has to offer.

The historical city of Cape Town is every tourist’s dream destination. With the Atlantic Ocean lapping the beach and picturesque Table Mountain the postcard-perfect background for every snap, visitors to the Mother City are in for an urban adventure of a lifetime.

Cape Town is South Africa’s second biggest city, and there is something exciting to stumble upon around every corner. Whether you spend the day exploring the ever-bustling V & A Waterfront, or choose to take a hike up to Lion’s Head, your time in the city will never be time spent being still!

You don’t have to do all of your tour planning on your own. Instead, you can sign up for one of the many Cape Town tours on offer throughout the city.

The Cape Peninsula is a tourist hotspot, for all the right reasons. Unlike other destinations, Cape Town is not overhyped with nothing to offer. The city has seen many changes and many important historical events have taken place here. For that reason, among others, visitors can spend their time stopping off at all of the biggest historical landmarks, while mixing in some authentic African shopping. Here at Southern Circle, we ensure that all Cape Town holiday packages are filled with exciting activities such as wine tours and enough time to unwind in the beautiful city.

Guests on a Cape Town city tour are often astounded upon arrival. Expecting to see an African city when booking Cape Town holidays, they are instead greeted by a place that could easily be found in a Mediterranean country. Cape Town is an eclectic place, with communities being made up of people from just about every culture, community and walk of life. Affordable Cape Town tours will take you to some of the city’s best-kept secrets and while here you will meet many of the friendly locals, most of whom will share their favourite thing about their city if you ask. When you book a safari near Cape Town, expect to see a modern city with ocean views and fynbos in the surrounding hills.

The culture of the city is beautifully intricate, with a blend of cultures becoming the beat to which the city moves. Capetonians are fiercely proud of their city and its unique culture. Guests quickly feel at ease here and most will fall in love with the activities in Cape Town.

There is little doubt as to why Cape Town has become one of South Africa’s biggest tourist destinations.

Step Back in Time

South Africa has one of the world’s most diverse and interesting histories, and much of that history we learn about today, took place in this city.

From the arrival of the Dutch and British to the most important political happenings in our time, Cape Town has a landmark for it.

The history of the city started well before the arrival of the 1652 settlers, but it was the establishment of this settlement of immigrants that brought the city into being. This part of the Cape coast already had a reputation among sailors. The first mention of the Cape was recorded in 1486 by Bartolomeu Dias, a Portuguese explorer, who christened it the Cape of Storms. By that time many a sailor had met his demise sailing past this stretch of unforgiving coast.

Originally, a small settlement was established as a supply station for passing Dutch East India Company ships. But the settlement grew quickly and soon became a place of economic, strategic and political importance. Up until the gold rush in the Witwatersrand drew people to the reefs of Johannesburg, Cape Town was South Africa’s biggest city.

Once the importance, and the riches, of South Africa came to the attention of the British, the then Dutch colonised Cape suffered an onslaught. The British attempted to seize the Cape in 1795 but were defeated by the Dutch. Undaunted by this, the British returned and captured the Cape in 1806. In the following years, the Great Trek would take place, with the Dutch descendants moving inland to form their own independent states.

Cape Town would see wars, segregation and the coming of a new era, all the while growing and expanding into what it is today; a truly unique business and artistic hub of activity.

Cape Town Highlights

With mountains overlooking the city, and the smell of the ocean and city in the air, when venturing around Cape Town on tour, you will be in constant awe of the beauty that surrounds you.

We love Cape Town and we love sharing this amazing city with our guests. Here are some of the city highlights:

  1. Table Mountain

You’ll see it from just about anywhere, looming up behind buildings, dominating the landscape and inner skyline. A visit to Cape Town has to include a trip to Table Mountain. It is a reminder that nature is an important aspect of the city; Table Mountain has become iconic. You can visit the Table Mountain National Park while in the city and do a little hiking before heading up the mountain (weather permitting).

  1. Cape of Good Hope

The Cape of Good Hope boasts the South-Western most point on the African continent. It’s a great place to go hiking and has around 250 different species of birds. If your time here is limited, and hiking is not an option, there are tour buses that head in this direction.

  1. A Downtown Trip

Sometimes, the best attractions are those within the city. In downtown Cape Town, you can visit the gardens, which are home to museums, the House of Parliament and the National Library. You can stop off at the busy waterfront and explore all the shops, and you can take a walk through the legendary (and colourful) Bo Kaap.

  1. Robben Island

Robben Island is located off the Cape shore and has become an infamous, emotional place to visit. Once used as an isolated place to keep prisoners, the buildings on the island now serve as a museum, a stark reminder of the past.

  1. The Winelands

While in the Cape, some time spent in the Winelands is an absolute must. Most Cape Town tours will include a stop in the heart of South Africa’s famous winemaking district, giving you time to taste the latest vintages and buy a few bottles for home.

We have a selection of the ultimate collection of Cape Town tours. Book yours today and find out why everyone loves Cape Town.