Itinerary Design

Obtain an itinerary of a guided tour through the area you are planning to visit. See our pages describing the Full Itineraries of our tours. It is highly recommended to observe the general rule of thumb mentioned earlier when using a scheduled tour itinerary to design your self-drive package. The distance traveled is extremely important. If you are trying to travel too far per day your holiday can turn into a miserable experience. South Africa covers over an area of around 2,2 million square kilometres and distances on maps are easily misread when planning routes between stops. Tour operators in South Africa generally work on a maximum distance of 350km per day. You may increase this to 500km on some days as you are able to save time at stops when on a  self-drive. If your distance exceeded the 500km mark one day, it is advisable to have a relative short distance the following day. Allow 45 minutes to an hour for each stop, and more where  meals are involved. Our main roads are generally good and not too congested with traffic (instead you may encounter the odd animal - domestic or wild) so plan on 60 to 75 minutes to travel 100 kilometres. Smaller roads could be in bad repair and it is advisable to check road conditions with our local Automobile Association beforehand.

Nothing prevents you from adding to your itinerary a guided tour to specialized areas such as game reserves or city tours for orientation purposes. In fact, most self-drivers have some guided  sections as part of their overall itinerary.

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