Lee A and Neal D

Dear Devon,

We especially want to point out two of our Southern Circle guides who really made the trip for us.  The first was our Panorama Tour guide: David de la Quearra.  We had him for the 9-day stint and he could not have done a better job.  He was so knowledgable and informative.  Plus, he adjusted the schedule if we wanted to do more shopping or stop for a few more photos.  No request was beyond his accommodation.  Plus, we really just liked him as person.  When we had options of eating alone, we always chose to ask him to join us. We really enjoyed his company.

The second was Antoinette of the Cape Winelands tour (based out of Cape Town).  It turned out (at the end of the day) that we were her first solo tour.  She said she was nervous, but it didn't show to us.  She had a great personality and adjusted the schedule so we could do one less winery (that was not our personal focus for the tour) and instead included a couple of cultural aspects: the Afrikaans Language Monument plus a Dutch Reformed Church (both places I had wanted to visit).  And she helped us in our shopping quests.

Kudos to both of these guides.  Please let Southern Circle know how much we appreciated their guidery!

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