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The self-drive concept has been in practice in Europe and USA for some time now. In South Africa it has also taken on momentum and its popularity is increasing. It is generally the concept of driving yourself in a hired vehicle along a suggested itinerary and pre-booked accommodation. This option is generally taken where budget is a consideration and/or where the tourists want the freedom of deciding for themselves on time spent at different areas and privacy when touring.

A few considerations to keep in mind are that one has to do some homework such as acquiring literature on the area.   Plan your trip to the areas you would like to visit and familiarise yourself with the routes, possible danger areas and the distances you are going to travel.

Therefore, if you are travelling to an area for the first time, it is always advisable to let a local operator assist in the design of your trip. They will advice you on all the above matters, point out aspects you may not have thought about and book the package at the same price or cheaper than what you could have done it and certainly saving you lots of research time on the internet! But, the real advantage of booking through an operator is the fact that you have a twenty-four hour helpline while on your holiday!