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Tours For Single Travelers

Tours and Travel Packages for Solo Travelers

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The need to streamline bookings for single travelers have increased enormously in the last few years. For that reason we have decided to design a system to make it easier for our single travelers to book our tours as part of a small group tour while not having to pay the single traveler premium! To facilitate it we started off with offering all the departures on our tours that have spaces for singles. Our single travelers would tour in a safe environment in our luxury microbuses with other travelers having similar interests. We  will have the system set up and fully operation around the end of December 2018. In the meantime, please contact Debbie at debbie@southerncircle.com  for assistance with your booking.

Hereunder are the tours we offer for single travelers:


  1. 3 Day Garden Route tour departures – Code SCCA                          Solo traveler departures  – Code SCCA/S   (Cape Town – Port Elizabeth)
  2. 4 Day Garden Route tour departures – Code SCCD                          Solo traveler departures – Code SCCD/S    (Cape Town -Port Elizabeth)
  3. 4 Day Garden Route tour departures – Code SCCH                          Solo traveler departures – Code SCCH/S    (Cape Town returning to Cape Town)
  4. 6 Day Garden Route & Wild Coast Tour departures – Code SCCP   Solo traveler departures – Code SCCP/S   (Cape Town – Durban)
  5. 6 Day Garden Route & Wild Coast Tour departures – Code SCDP   Solo traveler departures – Code SCDP/S   (Durban – Cape Town)
  6. 3 Day Garden Route tour departures – Code SCCB                          Solo traveler departures – Code SCCB/S (Port Elizabeth – Cape Town)
  7. 4 Day Garden Route Tour Departures – Code SCCE                        Solo traveler Departures – Code SCCE/S   (Port Elizabeth – Cape Town)


  1. 1 Day Drakensberg, Sani Pass and Lesotho Tour – Code; SCDA (Durban – Durban)
  2. 2 Day Drakensberg, Sani Pass and Lesotho Tour – Code; SCDB (Durban – Durban)             Solo traveler departures – Code SCDB/S
  3. 3 Day Drakensberg Adeventure – Code SCDD (Durban – Durban)                                          Solo traveler departures – Code SCDD/S
  4. 2 Day Wildlife Tour – Code SCDH (Durban – Durban)
  5. 3 Day Wildlife and Cultural Tour – Code SCDW (Durban – Durban                                          Solo traveler departures – Code SCDW/S
  6. 2 Day Battlefields Tour – Code SCDF (Durban – Durban)
  7. 3 Day Battlefields Tour – Code SCDF3 (Durban – Durban)                                                      Solo traveler departures- Code SCDF3/S
  8. 5 Day Zululand, Swaziland, Kruger Park, Panoramic Route , Johannesburg – Code SCDG   Solo traveler – Code SCDG/S
  9. 6 Day Zululand Wildlife and culture, Swaziland, Kruger Park, Panoramic Route, Johannesburg – Code SCMJ (Durban – Johannesburg)    Solo traveler departures



  1. 3 Day Kruger National Park Tour – Code; SCJK (Johannesburg – Johannesburg)                                  Solo traveler departures – SCJK/S
  2. 4 Day Kruger National Park and Panoramic Route – Code; SCJL (Johannesburg – Johannesburg      Solo traveler departures – Code SCJL/S
  3. 6 Day Kruger Park, Panoramic Route, Swaziland, Zululand Wildlife Safari – Code; SCMD (Johannesburg – Durban)    Solo traveler departures – Code SCMD/S
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