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Garden Route Tours

Stretching 300 km, the Garden Route is South Africa’s botanical nook.

There is no place in South Africa quite like the Garden Route. It includes one of the most beautiful stretches of coastline that South Africa has to offer and crosses through numerous small, picturesque coastal towns. Named for its immensely diverse vegetation, most of which are indigenous to the area, the Garden Route is a myriad of lagoons, lakes, forests and mountains.

The route is quite a popular attraction, and when travelling our beautiful country, you cannot miss this rich landscape of quiet beaches, dense forests, and unique attractions. The journey begins 4 hours from Cape Town and winds its way up the Eastern Cape coast ending at the fairy tale Tsitsikamma Forest.

Mountains feature heavily on a tour of the Garden Route, with the rolling green hills being one of the major characteristics of the route. The mountains lie close to the windy beaches and bays, making guests feel as though they are in a different world. When travelling through the Storms River and Heidelberg, the route runs alongside the coastline and is dotted with lakes, golden beaches, indigenous forests and those magnificent mountains.

The Garden Route has a longstanding fascination with all who visit and the best way to get the most out of your time here is to enjoy a Garden Route tour. Garden Route tour packages take you to the most popular attractions along South Africa’s most popular coastal route.

With Southern Circle, you can look forward to the best safari on the Garden Route. Our Garden Route holiday packages will take you on a journey to the Congo Caves, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Post Office Tree and various other extraordinary Garen Route tourist attractions. You will be amazed when you see South Africa’s clear oceans, forests and the Little Karoo.

Whether you book a 3 Day Garden Route Guided Tour or 19 Day Grand South African Tour, there will be plenty of opportunities to explore all that there is to offer along the Garden Route. The magnificent Tsitsikamma National Park and beautiful town of Knysna never fail to impress our guests.

Some of the longer tours, such as the 10 Day Taste of South Africa Tour, will include Kruger National Park excursions as well as tours of KwaZulu Natal.

All those who travel the Garden Route can agree on one thing; it’s a mystical place unlike any other you will come across in South Africa. Our country boasts wonderfully unique landscapes that differ around every twist and turn. The Garden Route is no exception. The route has an oceanic climate, with mild summers and mild winters making it the perfect place to travel regardless of the time of year. You can drive for long stretches without seeing a soul, and the small towns that dot the path are famous for their hospitality and genuine warm vibes.

Some of the small towns you can stop over in along the way include Mossel Bay, Knysna, Plettenberg Bay, Nature’s Valley and Little Brak River. George is the largest city on the route and it serves as the administrative centre. Before you get the impression that you will spend most of your time here driving, you’ll be happy to know that there are numerous activities to do along the way. Along with hiking in the valleys, kayaking in the rivers that meander through the mountains and spending some downtime at the beach, more adventurous guests can go on tree top excursions through the forests. There is something for everyone along the way!

The Garden Route is South Africa’s biggest botanical garden and guests will never forget their travels here. You can explore the area with one of our Garden Route Tours.

A Brief History of the Garden Route

There are no political tales or something about how human history has transformed the Garden Route itself, into what it is. The history of the route is 100% natural. Those who discovered the beautiful path through the mountains did only that, discover. The rest is Mother Nature’s beautiful hand at work. Some of the attractions do, however, have some kind of history attached to them, whether it is a town sprung up from necessity or a natural attraction used as a shelter for the earliest inhabitants.
Guests enjoying a Garden Route tour will learn all about the history behind each attraction they visit.

Garden Route Highlights

The gorgeous, sometimes misty and cool, Eastern Cape weather adds to the adventure that guests can look forward to here. With a Garden Route tour, you will miss nothing and leave with a head full of memories and a heart full of love for the Cape. These are just a few of the big Garden Route attractions.

The Knysna Heads

The Heads have a fascinating history, and they have over the years become a fabulous attraction. These rocky peaks stand as sentries, dominating the landscape and giving guests the impression that these rocks are guarding the coastline and the small towns close to them. And guard they have, in their own way, as many fishermen and ships have met their untimely demise, dashed on the jagged rocks. For seafarers, the route past the Knysna Heads is a place where only brave men dare tread.
You don’t have to get up close to see The Heads. They can be viewed from numerous restaurants and those indulging in water sports in the area will find that The Heads are always in view. If you want to climb to The Heads, the East Head is the more accessible of the peaks and there are signposts along the way to guide you to it.

Whale Watching

Between Storms River and Mossel Bay, guests can do a bit of whale watching. A boat ride is the best way to get a good look at the whales, while land-based whale watching is also possible, albeit not as effective as when on the lookout from other locations. There is also quite a large Cape Fur Seal population living close to the area, and if you plan your boat trip properly, you could see the seals along the way.

Pinnacle Point Caves

The ocean along the route has carved out a number of overhanging caves all along the coastline. On a small piece of the headland, close to Mossel Bay, there is a collection of such caves. These caves show evidence of human habitation some 40 000 to 150 000 years ago, making the caves an important historical attraction. The caves are breathtaking and can be explored to great depths. From the months of July to December, whales can be spotted from the cave. Booking a tour to the caves is a must, and booking will need to be done in advance.

Bloukrans Pass

Any adrenaline junkie has heard about Bloukrans Pass but you don’t have to chase the thrill of bungee jumping to see the pass for yourself. Home to what is considered the highest commercial bungee jump in the world, the Bloukrans Pass is also a beautiful attraction for those wanting to get a better view of the forests and winding rivers. The views you will encounter when travelling the pass are indescribable.


Named by the Khoisan because of the abundance of water, the Tsitsikamma National Park is situated in the heart of the Garden Route. About 30% of the park is covered in Fynbos while the rest of the park is characterised by indigenous plants. One could say that the Tsitsikamma National Park is a collection of everything the Garden Route is about; white tipped ocean breakers beneath cliff faces, rivers cutting through massive mountains, dense forests to explore, and so much more to see!

See the Garden Route for yourself when you join us on a once in a lifetime tour. Book your Garden Route Tour today.

GUIDED GARDEN ROUTE TOURS FROM CAPE TOWN – 3 DAYS (Departs from Cape Town, ends in Port Elizabeth)(CODE: SCCA)

The Garden Route – 3 days tour showcases the extraordinary natural beauty of the area, aptly called the Garden Route It also offers natural wonders such as the Cango Caves and the town of Oudtshoorn’s ideal habitat for ostrich farming makes it the ostrich Mecca of the world. Daily departures.


Running along a scenic stretch of coastline, the Garden Route is an ever changing landscape. Beginning in Cape Town and ending in Port Elizabeth. This tour offers many spectacular sights, from fields of colourful wild flowers to shorelines dotted with beaches and bays. Destinations: Hermanus, Mossel bay, Post Office Tree, Oudtshoorn, Cango Caves, Ostrich Farm, George, Wilderness, Knysna, Plettenberg Bay, Tsitsikamma National Park, Storms’ River Mouth.


This three day tour captures the heart of the famous Garden Route and the Little Karoo. It is famous for its diversity of mountains, isolated beaches, towering cliffs and dense indigenous forests. This tour also offers natural wonders such as the Cango Caves. Oudtshoorn is the ostrich Mecca of the world.


The 4 Day Garden Route Tour is famous for its unique diversity of lakes, mountains, golden beaches, cliffs and dense indigenous forests. Its extraordinary beauty complements the contrast of the adjacent semi-arid Little Karoo. We visit the Cango Caves and Oudtshoorn is the ostrich Mecca of the world.


This tour is designed for the traveler with little time! The Kruger National Park offers an exciting wilderness and wildlife experience. The sight of elephant, lion, rhino, leopard, buffalo, etc. in their natural habitat is always a thrill. We spend the next four days touring through the famous Garden Route en-route to Cape Town.