Best Time to Travel

This question is often asked and has no easy answer as the country is so diverse. Therefore, many factors may influence the answer.

Let us consider a few options:  If one is really into our magic beaches and good beach weather, our coastline offers a variety of options. The east coast has a sub-tropical climate and is mild to warm year round with short thundershowers. However, it may get a little humid for some around January - February. But then just pack your bags and travel to Cape Town for hot, but drier weather during this time.  Winters there, on the other hand, are mild to cool with longer wet spells as a result of its winter rainfall climate, but glorious sunny days separate the rainy ones.
Game viewing is at its best during winter months and into our early summer, typically from June through November, but some record-breaking sightings have been recorded during summer months with sightings of all of the Big Five in one morning!

From the above information and that on the WEATHER page, you will find very few factors keeping you from visiting South Africa any time of the year.

So the only factor you have to consider is when you can break away from your work / family / home to embark on your wildest dream come true!

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