The Big Cats

It hardly needs to be said that aside from being on the top rung of the predation ladder, the lion also tops the glamour stakes. Sadly, it does have one formidable enemy in humankind, who has expelled it from most parts of the country so that it now remains almost exclusively in conservation areas.

The beautiful leopard survives in a larger area, including much of the southern Cape and the far north, although numbers are small in some places.

Marine Mammals and Fish

And they take to the sea. The largest mammal of all, in South Africa and the entire world, is the blue whale which can grow to 33m in length. But of the eight whale species found in South African waters (including the dramatic black-and-white killer whale), the most frequently seen by humans is the southern right whale. This imposing creature comes into coastal bays to calve, allowing for superb land-based viewing. Image

The Crocodile and other Reptiles

Less generously endowed with freshwater fish (112 named species, 1.3% of the world total), South Africa nevertheless has one river-dweller that is, like the Big Five, a symbol of Africa - a reptile, not a fish. The crocodile still rules some stretches of river and estuary, lakes and pools, and still exacts an occasional toll in human life.

Other aquatic reptiles of note are the sea-roaming loggerhead and leatherback turtles, the focus of a major community conservation effort at their nesting grounds on the northern KZN shoreline. Image

Bird Life

A variety of habitats provide homes for more than 900 species of birds, or 10% of the world's total. They range from the ostrich - farmed in the Oudtshoorn district of the Western Cape, but seen in the wild mostly in the north of the country - through such striking species as the hornbills to the ubiquitous LBJs (Little Brown Jobs).

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Protection for Tourists

A democratic society is basically one where every citizen has the right to vote in a secret ballot for the people who would govern the country. Once a democratic government has been elected, it also becomes the legislative authority of the country. Citizenship then implies a duty to uphold the law.

In South Africa the Constitution is the highest law of the land, and no law or government decree may supersede it. It is implemented by an independent, 11 member Constitutional Court.

Robben Island

For nearly 400 years, Robben Island - set in the Atlantic Ocean some 12 kilometres from Cape Town - was a place of banishment, exile, isolation and imprisonment. It was here that rulers sent those they regarded as political troublemakers, social outcasts and the unwanted of society.

During the apartheid years Robben Island became internationally known for its brutality. The duty of those who ran the Island and its prison was to isolate opponents of apartheid and to crush their morale. Some freedom fighters spent more than a quarter of a century in prison for their convictions.

Our Beaches

South Africa is blessed with the most amazing coastline of around 3000 kilometres. From the West Coast with its brilliant white beaches, dunes and blue seas, albeit a little cold at around 12 degrees Centigrade, to the East Coast beaches, many of them with Blue Flag status, where holiday makers play virtually all year round on endless golden beaches with the luke warm (21 - 26 degrees Centigrade) Indian Ocean invitingly rolling onto the sand.

Information about self-drive options

The self-drive concept has been in practice in Europe and USA for some time now. In South Africa it has also taken on momentum and its popularity is increasing. It is generally the concept of driving yourself in a hired vehicle along a suggested itinerary and pre-booked accommodation. This option is generally taken where budget is a consideration and/or where the tourists want the freedom of deciding for themselves on time spent at different areas and privacy when touring.

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